Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2 Ways to Get Car Insurance Proof Quickly

If you do not see your insurance card, there are two easy ways to get it. 

1. Call your insurance agent and explain the situation and ask him your card or on another, the insurance for you and sent by mail. This is one of the advantages of having an insurance agent and I do what is possible. 

2. Sometimes, however, the direct car insurance companies offer such good deals that you're better off without an insurance agent. 

In this case, go online and you'll probably get a password, or you can use your ID insurance and just ask to send a card to you. Most companies direct line car insurance have a very good website that will take care of all your needs, including proof of insurance. 

In some cases, these online insurance companies will even e-mail a copy to the police or the court, at your request. 

Proof of the car is not difficult to get if you follow these simple instructions by contacting your agent or online at the website of the insurance company.

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